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Audioburst Creators
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Get more from your audio content! Audioburst allows broadcasters and content creators to easily reach out to a wider audience and engage new listeners –Transcribe, Clip, and Share your audio content for Free. Just enter your RSS feed and we’ll take care of the rest!


Getting Noticed

It wasn’t so long ago that becoming a successful actor, musician, artist, or writer seemed like a pipe dream. Aside from tremendous amounts of blood, sweat, and tears, hitting it big, for the most part, took a whole lot of luck. Artistic creators not only had to excel at their craft, but they also had to get their work in front of the right people. Without the help of an agent, producer or big-name publisher, it was unlikely that their work would ever see the light of day.

These days it’s an entirely different ballgame. Technology has completely changed the way content is distributed, monetized and absorbed, allowing anyone to develop and promote content independently. On the one hand, this allows anyone to be a writer or podcaster. All you need to do is create and hit publish. On the other hand, in a world where anyone can put out content, how do you get noticed?

Spoiler alert: It’s hard!

Gaining exposure for your content takes a lot of time, effort, and in most cases, money. You need social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A blog or a website. Knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) so that your content will pop up readily on Google. And then once you’ve got all of that, you still need followers!


Audioburst has been hard at work figuring out how to make self-distribution and promotion of audio content more accessible, and we’re happy that we can finally announce our new tool: Audioburst Creators.

Before we leap into Creators and help you get internet famous, let’s take a minute to explain what Audioburst is and why you need it.


Audioburst is an AI-powered audio search platform which connects listeners to audio content. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, we analyze, index and segment audio into searchable ‘bursts.’ Bursts are stored in our extensive audio library where they can be accessed to provide a more dynamic and personalized listening experience for users across mobile apps, search engines, in-car infotainment systems, digital assistants, IoT gadgets, smartphones, and more.

As an audio content creator, partnering with Audioburst offers several benefits that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Greater Content Distribution
  • Extended Shelf Life for your Content
  • New Monetization Opportunities

And now, with Audioburst Creators, you’ll be able to not only reap the long-term benefits that come standard with inclusion in our library, but you’ll also be able to control your content’s destiny through features like:

  • Transcripts
  • Improved SEO
  • Social Sharing

And the best part:  You’ll get all of these things for free!

Are you excited? Us too! Let’s take a look at the Creators tool:


See which bursts are performing the best from your show, or search for show bursts by keyword or topic.

Show Highlights:

Audioburst pulls the highlights from your most recent episodes and makes them easily accessible. Have control over which bursts are pushed to the Audioburst library, share the best via your favorite social networks, and use the editing tool to give you the flexibility to ensure that every burst reflects your best efforts.


Audioburst’s sophisticated AI platform ensures that bursts are automatically ready for prime time right out of the gate by analyzing the full text of the audio, identifying the context and segmenting the content accordingly.   

However, if we ever miss the mark, there’s no need to worry. Our new Editor puts you in complete control of your content, allowing you to capture the perfect moment by sound or transcript. Then you only need choose your title and thumbnail, adjust your tags and then you’re ready to go!

In addition, Audioburst is founded on machine learning. Every edited burst assists the platform in advancing its understanding of human speech and helps improve the quality of the service as a whole. In other words, it’s a win-win!


All bursts can be shared with your favorite social networks directly from the Creators portal.

Alternatively, you can even embed a player on your website for easy content access.


Each time a new episode of your show is added to the library, the transcript will be emailed directly to you for use in tagging, further content creation, and SEO improvement.

The transcript is also available right in Audioburst Creators. Content when you want it, where you want it.

Show Page:

Make sure your brand is on point by managing your show’s Audioburst page. Add custom icons, banners, and ensure your listeners can always stay in touch by linking to your social networks.

We think Audioburst Creators is going to change the way audio content creators promote and distribute their work and this is just the beginning. A slew of new features are in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share them with you (Video bursts, anyone?!)

Ready to get started? Visit our Creators site to submit your show to the database and start harnessing the power of your content today!

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